Port Street Beer House


"Opening its doors in late January 2011, Port Street Beer House provides you with fine beers from the UK and further afield. For those of you enthused by the world of beer, they provide a warm, comfortable environment for you to sit back and appreciate the ever-expanding world of craft brewing.


Port Street Beer House features a selection of hand-pulled ales from some of the [...] most forward-thinking brewers and a wide range of draft beers from the UK and beyond. An exhaustive range of bottled products takes in a little bit from as many styles of beer as they can muster."

Manchester's Finest
December 2019 


Port Street - as it is known - has become an institution in its own right. Our second bar, it opened in 2011 just before Manchester became the craft beer capital of the north. No matter what style, or where you want your beer to come from, PSBH should be able to cater.