Super Special Membership
- how it works

Using our app

Common, Beagle, Port Street, and Pilcrow have joined the new millennium with our Common & Co app - which includes our newly tweaked Super Special Membership program. The age of the card has been and gone, friend: to keep getting those sweet discounts, you'll need to download our application using the information superhighway. Now, you'll be able to rack up points and earn discounts without having to dig out your dog-eared paper card, or asking a pal to borrow theirs to flash at the bar: the digital revolution is finally happening at all your favourite bars.

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Regardless of whether you were a Super Special Member before at any of our sites, you'll need to sign up again: we've got some sparkly new Terms & Conditions that mean we're unable to transfer existing accounts over. Plus, you get a sign-up bonus of 25 points if you join during January 2020, which are instantly credited to your account. Also, throughout January we're offering 25% off different lines, depending on which bar you're in - you can find out exactly what we're offering in the app by going to each site's home page and clicking Special Offers.

If you need any help downloading and installing our app, here's Apple's how to for those using iPhone/iOS, and here's Google's guide for those using Android. You can find download links that for each by clicking here. At the moment, these are the only two operating systems that the Common & Co app supports, and use of the app is required for membership.


Once you've downloaded the app and signed up, simply show your unique QR code - found under Special Membership in the app - when placing your order: your server will scan it, and when the transaction is complete, we'll credit your account with 1 point for every pound that you spend. Orders, when placed together, can't be split between memberships: so, whoever's round it is, make sure that they're using their own QR code - or pay separately if you're after being individually credited with points.

For every 25 points you accrue, we'll automatically credit your account with £2.50. This can then be redeemed against your next round, or retained if you want to save up for something special. Spend also rolls over - so if you spend £5.50 in The Beagle, and £5.50 in Port Street, we'll credit your account with 5 points for the first purchase, and 6 points for the second - as you've reached 11 points cumulatively. This replaces our previous discount schemes, and all management of this is done through the app.


Regardless of where you've earned your points, you can spend them across our Common & Co sites. So, if you've 12 points in The Beagle, 8 in Common, and 5 in Port Street, you can spend your £2.50 credit in The Pilcrow - or any other Common & Co bar, for that matter.

Your credits can be redeemed against anything on our menus, whether food or drink - but they can not be redeemed against other offers, such as our BOGOF Burger offers, and points can't be accrued on these offers either. If in doubt, ask a member of staff, who should be able to advise.

Credits expire after a year, so you've plenty of time to make use of your rewards. You can check to see the status of your balance on the membership screen of our app - just press 'View My Balance'. Please note, neither points nor account credit have any monetary value, and credit can only be used as a discount against an order.

Membership may also be required in order to qualify for certain other offers within our bars, such as food promotions or special offers on drinks. These will always be advertised as such if needed, and staff will always be able to advise if this is the case.

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We're launching our Common & Co app so you can get all the best offers across each of our bars with a minimum of fuss: simply sign up, show us your QR code, and redeem away. Whether you're sipping a pale in Port Street, brunching in the Beagle, post work pint-ing in the Pilcrow, or having a coffee in Common, you'll be earning loyalty points with every order too.